Legendary NFTs, available again, only at BeyondLife.club Marketplace

The much-awaited day for many NFT collectors and enthusiasts in India is closing in. The BeyondLife.club marketplace — your exclusive platform to buy Amitabh Bachchan NFTs and Stan Lee’s Chakra the Invincible NFTs — is all set to launch on Wednesday, the 26th of January 2022!

This marks a new epoch in the history of NFTs,and in making it accessible to all.

Numbers that set bench-marks and beyond:

We would like you all to revisit some of the most astounding statistics that BeyondLife.club has created on its way to make NFTs available to everyone. The Amitabh Bachchan NFT, during its launch, had more than 6.3 million visitors at its peak, taking it one of the most sought after NFTs ever!

A record of more than 12,000 NFTs were sold in less than two minutes in the Stan Lee’s Chakra the Invincible NFT collection, making it one of the fastest NFT sales ever.

The BeyondLife.club marketplace gives you yet another chance to become proud owners of NFTs from these coveted and prized collections.

Why should you watch out for the marketplace?

As you may have known, BeyondLife.club was the first of its kind platform to feature rare art NFTs launching legendary icons across the globe. Considering the volume of visitors and the number of NFTs purchased, we have estimated that about 98% of the visitors with the intention to buy NFTs have missed out on the opportunity to get one!

This marketplace brings you a chance to become a proud owner of some of the rarest NFTs. When we say “the rarest,“ we literally made it! You might have noticed through our rarity tool that some of the most rare NFTs were a part of the Loot Box. Some of them had their rarity pegged at magnitudes higher than the NFTs found in the auctions.

You might’ve also observed that the prices of some NFTs have grown by over 6300%. No doubt, these NFTs have the potential to make it big in the secondary marketplace, and this is your chance to own those NFTs.

Making it one-of-a-kind collection:

The NFTs that were brought by and bought through BeyondLife.club will only be available on the BeyondLife.club marketplace. As we launch more NFTs and NFT collections in the near future, they will all be a part of the BeyondLife.club marketplace, and this will increase the chances of you selling your NFTs to a prospective buyer in the future too.


The BeyondLife.club marketplace will be a major point of inflection in the history of NFTs in India and across the globe. With the marketplace being a silver bullet for the secondary sale of NFTs, the positive hangover of this turning point will linger for a long time and beyond.




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