From 0 to making Hefty in NFT sales: BeyondLife’s first-ever Auction story (powered by Guardian Link), an all-celebrity NFT platform, has launched the legendary Amitabh Bachchan in the NFT space. Also, it became the first collection of its kind ever to be unveiled by a Bollywood actor — and has undeniably been a success. Due to which, NFTs have become a talking point across the Indian NFT sphere — garnering lakhs of tweets (on NFTs) during the period.

Madhushala, an NFT pack composed of Harivansh Rai Bachchan’s poems (recited by BigB), received the highest bids (from across the world) for a total amount of $756000 (approximately Rs. 5.5 crore INR) in the Auction. had watched the NFT scenario for years; however, we’ve made the first stride only with Amitabh NFT. The Indian NFT world was taken by surprise when we announced our partnership with legendary Big B to culminate his NFT collections. What followed was — a 4-day NFT auction on the platform — regaining the confidence of the doubters. BeyondLife’s auction notes that Amitabh NFT accounts for India’s record-breaking sales in the NFT world (till now).

As a result of conceptualization (from the in-house team) and technological backing from Guardian Link (a no-code NFT launchpad), managed to accomplish India’s first-ever high-profile celebrity NFT auction till now.

Exclusive NFT collection (curated by BigB)

The BigB punk is typically the first point-of-contact for buyers with the non-fungible token (NFT). Buyers, also the art enthusiasts, expect never-seen-before digital artworks with unique ownership details. Good artwork not only draws people in, but it also makes them much more inclined to want to keep it and display it publicly, acting as promoters, attracting new investors, and bolstering the collection’s entire brand and investment case.

  • Madhushala NFTs — The tokenized depiction of Madhushala (Temple of Mind) comes with Amitabh’s voice. This collection (of NFTs) received widespread bids, and the highest (of them) gets a meet-and-greet chance with BigB.
  • The LootBox — Purely a test-your-luck kind of NFT package that allows buyers to purchase their favorite NFTs directly. Upon purchasing this auction-free lootbox, buyers received at least one guaranteed NFT from the pack of three: poster NFT, BigB punks, pastel art NFT.
  • Autographing posters — These NFTs carry a cult value of movie posters from Big B’s illustrious career (spanning over four decades). The exciting thing about this pack is buyers received a video of Amitabh signing the physical copy of the posters. Lucky are those who own iconic posters like Deewaar, Sholay, and much more!

The sky-high premiums paid for Amitabh NFT are, in part, due to the novelty of owning a part of BigB’s legacy. Each sold piece has a one-of-a-kind uniqueness attribute to it that buyers can leverage whenever they want.

An all-encompassing NFT Auction

The bare minimum an NFT admirer expects from the service providers is the trust factor. Amidst the numerous incidents of scam in the NFT world, the importance of the ‘trust’ factor can’t be overstated.

For new players, it’s always valuable to earn moral and technological support from trusted figures in space.Guardian Link is one such support we’re blessed to have in our early days. Even though we had source files from BigB himself, we needed a proficient team to bolster this magnanimous NFT project.

The team maintained an incessant presence on community channels like Discord, Telegram, and Twitter. This means communicating with the audience, resolving the queries, and conveying important announcements (regarding Amitabh NFT). Another highlight of these community channels is that they also functioned as a learning platform for the first-timers. So, upon consistent engagements with the community, they could become potential buyers during the next drop.




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